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004,  Floor permission seaview land at Yalova

in a short time price
The land is for 8 apartment, 4 floor permission, Çiftlikkoy district at Yalova. 3. and 4. floor is Spectacular Seaview

Area: 555 sqm

Zoning Status: on the ground %40, 4 floor planning permission

View: 3. and 4 floors are full Seaview

Advantage and Facilities: There is a Mosque, School, Shopping Center, Hospital around the land. Very nice location. Full seaview upper the 3. floor. Mehmet Akif Street, in front of the land,

 is popular. Very Close to Center of Yalova. Planned urbanisation around the land.

Disadvantage: There is a recession on building and real estate sectors and unstable exchange rate in Turkey.

(We are hopeful about markets. Because Turkey has experienced many times this recession before. Then overcome it and develop rapidly

- 570 m to Yalova-Istanbul Expess Way

- 3200 m to Yalova Center


As an architecture plan

2 Apartment on 1 floor (113 sqm+15 sqm balcony=128 sqm) 250.000x2=500.000 TL

2 Apartment on 2. floor (121 sqm + 17 sqm balcony = 138 sqm) 300.000x2=600.000 TL

4 Apartment on 3. and 4. floor (121 sqm + 17 sqm balcony = 138 sqm) 350.000x4=1.400.000 TL

Totally Building Income: 2.500.000 TL

We can give it to Builder by at least (or more) %40

So now: 2.500.000x%40= 1.000.000 TL.

Net Profit: Income-Land Cost: 1.000.000- 770.000 = 230.000 TL


Rate: %30 profit


Address: Çiftlikköy, Yalova, Turkey
Categories: Improved Lands
Type: for sale