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Let the sea in your house.


Sea waves, ships, clouds, even the Prince Islands,lay to the horizon just in front of your house.Life offers one of the best beauties of mother nature to you,but you are looking at a concrete wall in a room,which prevents you to see all these. If you are behind the walls,what is the use of a house just in front of the sea.Thus, we have built the walls of your house, with glass, not concrete.We have completed your pleasure with panoramic terraces.To enjoy this beauty, let the sea in your house.this is  a very special project on the Zeytinburnu Shore,one of the most popular locations in İstanbul. It consists of 7 separate blockswith options of 1+1 to 4+1. Glass-walled houses, green parks, gyms, open-air swimming pools and social areas such as SPA, add pleasure to your life.

The extraordinary architecture of the Yedi Mavi is not only beautiful, but also very functional. The distance between the seven blocks forming the project is 95 meters. This width not only gives you a spacious view, but also almost all of the

houses in the project offer sea view from different
angles in each room.


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 وسائل الراحة

 وسائل الراحة العامة
Electric Hot Water
Swimming Pool
 الخارج وسائل الراحة
Open Deck



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0032_Akkoy_lux_apartmnt, يالوفا ترمال شقق فاخرة
للبيع 115 000,00 $
منطقة يالوفا ترمال, Termal, 77402, Yalova, Termal, Turkey
0024_seaview building complex, شقة فاخرة سافيو جيدة في موقع ممتاز
للبيع 6 000,00 $/لكل متر مربع
يالوفا جنارجك, 77300, Çınarcık, Turkey
0023, شقة في يلوا جنارجك غرفة و صالة
للبيع 41 000,00 $
في مركز جنارجك, 77300, Turkey
0022_arf, شقة 3غرف وصالة
للبيع 55 000,00 $
مركز يلوا, Çiftlikköy, 77100, Yalova, Turkey