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We chose our project location directly in front of Rumeli university and it’s the only university in Silivri nowadays, our project away from university minutes away by walking ( 350m ) , knowing that they are working on new extensions for the university and also there will be 2 more universities in the same area which refers to the importance of this area.


Recently Turkish people have shown a great interest in Silivri because of the law about moving factories to suburbs of Istanbul which Silivri is one of them. There are 11 industrial cities were planned to be established during the next 5 years ( which will be in north of Silivri ) therefore. Population has doubled during the last 3 years . In like manner a master plan has been made for Masco market for furniture, for moving to Silivri, which is largest furniture’s market in Europe ( the current Masko site next to mall of Istanbul ).


We provides you with the best option for investing in real estate field guaranteed and more safe for you through authorized contract from notary with highest real net income after tax.
we are  the only project in whole Turkey which offers guaranteed investment for 10 years with annual income 10% for first 5 years and 12% for the next 5 years. We directly deliver title deed (TABU) after contracting and get your income after 3 months from contracting.

1- After contracting we directly deliver title deed (TABU) to the customer.
2- We sign a lease contract between company and buyer in notary and its the authorized party to set clauses of contract with existence of sworn Turkish translator.
3- The buyer rents his apartment to the company with net income from apartment value 10% in the first 5 years and 12% in next 5 years.
4- The investor get his income monthly-quarterly-semi annually or annually according to his need after 3 months from contracting.
5- Company doesn't afford any expenses in case if the bank account is out of Turkey.









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0032_Akkoy_lux_apartmnt, يالوفا ترمال شقق فاخرة
للبيع 115 000,00 $
منطقة يالوفا ترمال, Termal, 77402, Yalova, Termal, Turkey
0024_seaview building complex, شقة فاخرة سافيو جيدة في موقع ممتاز
للبيع 6 000,00 $/لكل متر مربع
يالوفا جنارجك, 77300, Çınarcık, Turkey
0023, شقة في يلوا جنارجك غرفة و صالة
للبيع 41 000,00 $
في مركز جنارجك, 77300, Turkey
0022_arf, شقة 3غرف وصالة
للبيع 55 000,00 $
مركز يلوا, Çiftlikköy, 77100, Yalova, Turkey