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The first phase is ready to move in which consists of 11 Block ,second
phase consists of 6 blocks under construction will be deliverd end of
Located on Yaşam Vadisi (Valley of Life),which is the largest park in
turkey 1 million square metre extending from inner Beylikdüzü to the
coastline, The project is distinguished from similar projects by being

located at a walking distance to leisure, recreation/entertainment and
sports areas, education and health facilities, and to various public
the government is supporting the region by updating the infrastructure ,
providing the transportation and supporting investors to build new
projects as shopping malls , new complexes and entertainment areas .

The project have 17 Blocks, 33 commercial units and 60% of the land
as green area, this comprehensive project consists of 1156 homes
ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms in size.


The location
Beylikdüzü is a district in the European suburbs of Istanbul, located north
of the Sea of Marmara.
The Project is situated it is an area where you can find all social life
fascilites around it , from schools,markets,coffees,restaurants,green
Once the Sea taxi will start working , it will makes it easy for the local
residents to move faster to the city center



33 Shops under the project to meet the daily needs
24 hour security and reception services.
Sports Venues ( Basketball,Tennis)
Playgrounds for children
Outdoor Cinema
Outdoor pool
Fitness center
Wide green spaces and walking trails
Turkish bath, massage rooms, sauna
Closed garage and additional storage space for each apartment.


The project is:
Just 7 minutes from the E5 Highway and which will connect you all over
5 minutes from the marina .
35 minutes from Istanbul's new airport.
40 minutes from the historical division and areas of Istanbul.
10 minutes from Marmara Park shopping mall.


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0032_Akkoy_lux_apartmnt, يالوفا ترمال شقق فاخرة
للبيع 115 000,00 $
منطقة يالوفا ترمال, Termal, 77402, Yalova, Termal, Turkey
0024_seaview building complex, شقة فاخرة سافيو جيدة في موقع ممتاز
للبيع 6 000,00 $/لكل متر مربع
يالوفا جنارجك, 77300, Çınarcık, Turkey
0023, شقة في يلوا جنارجك غرفة و صالة
للبيع 41 000,00 $
في مركز جنارجك, 77300, Turkey
0022_arf, شقة 3غرف وصالة
للبيع 55 000,00 $
مركز يلوا, Çiftlikköy, 77100, Yalova, Turkey