izmir - amazing sea view project in izmir

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amazing sea view project in izmir

Some places are simply special. Their location, character and spirit enter your lives and remain.
this project  is a place just like that... It is self-assured with its stone houses, historical windmills, fusion restaurants,
wind surfing, and bougainvillea trees.


Every name has a character and meaning in life. So does Folkart Ardıç Çeşme...
This special project inspired by junipers, which remain green throughout the year,
one more time emphasizes that the real luxury is living close to the nature.
Folkart Ardıç Çeşme is sustaining the characteristic Aegean spirit in every step
with the preserved tree during the designing of the project and its green yard.


Social Living Area

Outdoor swimming pool – Jacuzzi

Children’s pool

Outdoor–indoor cafeteria

Fitness, Pilates and yoga centers

Spa and sauna

Lobby and resting area

24–hour security

Camera security system

Features of Automation System

Home management, featuring 10-inch touch screens with IP video intercom at residence entrances, as well as concierge and housekeeping services.

Lighting, air conditioning and curtain controls designed to appeal to the personal taste of each resident.

With 4 sight service, convenient and secure system management of any number of mobile devices and computers from anywhere in the world. Data transfer to mobile devices with email and push notification services. Air conditioning control from outside the home with remote control technology.

Remote 3G-technology security camera monitoring via mobile devices, touch screen and television interfaces.

 employs the Control 4 system that supports IP, Wi-Fi, RF and KNX operation protocols.


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